You don’t have to be human to have a bitcoin wallet.


Could an artificial intelligence use bitcoins against us?

One of the unique properties of bitcoins is that you don’t need to be a human to have a wallet. It is as simple as getting a small piece of software or using an online service to receive your bitcoins.

In effect this means your pet dog could have it’s own bitcoin wallet – although the dog intelligent enough to use one has yet to be born.

More realistically looking to the future, bitcoin opens up some interesting possibilities in the world of AI. As artificial intelligence in computers starts to mature we will probably find that more and more AIs are trading bitcoins with each other and no humans involved. Robots or self aware computer programs could own bitcoins and use them to pay for goods and services that they wanted for themselves. We could even find that as they advanced further humans actually became minority stakeholders in bitcoins.

This is a worrying situation as then lets imagine a situation where these Artificial Intelligences worked co-operatively to bring about a 51% attack and effectively destroy bitcoins or held human kind to ransom. Without traditional currencies we humans would find ourselves left very vulnerable by relying to heavily one one single currency and the more and more we grow to rely on the digital world, the harder mankind will find it to press the off switch should something go wrong. The solution would probably have to involve sending a cyborg back in time to kill the father of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Does anyone else have any other thoughts on a future bitcoin apocalypse?

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