If you own or manage a website and would like to make some extra bitcoins then please check out the links below. There are some sites that offer incentives for signing people up to their website (pay per lead) others pay when a purchase made (pay per sale) and finally sites that pay you just for sending a visitor to their site.

TheBitcoinAffiliate – A range of banner campaigns that are Pay Per Click, Sale, Lead. Get 0.01 Bitcoins just for signing up.

Coinurl.com – This is a very good site that pays you for shortening your URLS to shorter ones. For example:  http://cur.lv/53ams – whenever a visitor clicks on a link you get paid. You have to get quite a lot of clicks to get a payout as the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1BTC (Currently around £70 or $110) but it if you put enough work in it could be a consistent earner for you with very little work. We use it on parts of this site to generate income and we are happy with the results.

Plus500.com – These guys allow you to short bitcoins and will even give your new registrants £20 free to get themselves started (assuming they validate their mobile phone number). It’s not hard to sell this deal and you get either a payment per registration or an ongoing revenue stream from all of the new registrations deposits.

If you would like your website added to this list please comment below and we will review your website for inclusion.

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