Our very own bitcoin giveaway.

Comment on this post with your receive address for a chance to win 0.01BTC.

Follow, favourite and share us on Twitter for chance to win another 0.01BTC be sure to send us your receive address!

Like and share us on Facebook for a chance to win a further 0.01BTC – comment your receive address!

Add us to your circles and share us on Google + for even more chances to win 0.01BTC – comment your receive address!

It is our intention to hold a draw twice monthly and give away 8 x 0.01BTC in total per month. We will review the amount offered in the event that bitcoins price changes dramatically but will continue to hold the draw.

The winner will be announced next sunday (8th December 2013)

42 thoughts on “Our very own bitcoin giveaway.

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    Bitcoin adress:

  2. 1NtdmQrmbpvRrhXvLKSTRtb8ByrwD4wdEB

    i havw added you on twitter @iamkwambai and google+ and my name is manu kwambai

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