A list of notable alternative crypto currencies ordered by market capitalization.

Name Code Year Est. Founder Active?
Website Market Cap(million$s)
Litecoin LTC 2011 Coblee Yes ~$1 billion USD
scrypt proof-of-work
Peercoin PPC 2012 Sunny King Yes ~$43.3 millionUSD
SHA-256 proof-of-work/proof-of-stake, the proof-of-stake means that Peercoin is more energy efficient and has a small amount of inflation; however, this is mitigated by the deflationary aspect caused from destroyed transaction fees.
Namecoin NMC 2011 Vinced Yes ~$4.7 millionUSD
SHA-256 proof-of-work. Namecoin is meant to act as a decentralized DNS, which would make internet censorshipvery difficult. Namecoin serves the .bit domain.
Novacoin NVC 2013 Balthazar Yes ~$2.5 millionUSD
scrypt proof-of-work/proof-of-stake, the proof-of-stake means that Novacoin has a small amount of inherent inflation. Also implements balanced weighting scheme and many other improvements.
Primecoin XPM 2013 Sunny King Yes ~$2.2 million USD
Scientific use proof-of-work (Cunningham chains)
Feathercoin FTC 2013 Peter Bushnell Yes ~$2 million USD
scrypt proof-of-work
WorldCoin WDC 2013 Unknown Yes ~$1.5 millionUSD
scrypt proof-of-work. Features a block generation target rate of 30 seconds, allowing for faster transaction confirmations.
CopperLark CLR 2013 Unknown Yes ~$0.71 millionUSD
sha-3 (512 bit keccak) proof-of-work. 4 minute blocks.
Devcoin DVC 2011 Unthinkbit Yes ~$0.45 millionUSD
80% of generated coins go to open source developers, 10% goes to administrators (those who created the currency) and 10% goes to miners (those who generate the coins).

* we will be adding a more detailed explanation of currencies soon and will also review Ripples (XRP). If you feel we have missed off any crypto currencies and would like them included please comment below and we will review your suggestion for inclusion on the site.

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