My first experience trying to use bitcoins in the real world.

Yesterday whilst out on a day trp to Peterborough. I decided to look on to see if there were any local businesses that accepted bitcoin. I was pleased to find that a small pub run by an independent brewery was actually accepting bitcoins.

After doing some further research I found that news of this pubs acceptance of bitcoin had actually made the daily mail website. Enthused by the possibility of combining two of my favourite things – lager and bitcoins I made my way to the Coalheavers Arms.

My first impression after looking at the pub from the outside was that it looked like a converted house. After entering the pub both my eyes and nose were offended. The decor was terrible and the pub smelt bad. There were no signs up detailing anything about bitcoins or their bitcoin acceptance. Unperturbed I approached the bar and asked them which lagers they had available. They only had one I had never heard of – still this was an independent pub and this is quite common. I asked if I could pay in bitcoins and the barman looked at me with a blank expression.

I explained that I had travelled all the way from London just to make my bitcoin purchase (a slight exaggeration – but mostly true).

20131208_145359The barman explained that he didn’t know how to do it and that the people that did were out and wouldn’t be back anytime soon. Disappointed I left with my bitcoins and without a beer. I cannot help but feel that the independent brewery that run this establishment wanted to generate some free publicity by cashing in on the bitcoin media frenzy. However, their failure to actually deliver any form of customer service for bitcoin customers has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I don’t recommend you go there at all.

So sadly I am still yet to experience making a real world purchase with my virtual currency. The quest goes on.

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