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Here is our list of sites offering bitcoins for tasks. – A job board exclusively for people willing to be paid in bitcoins. Most jobs relate to bitcoin startups. *** – This was a great website with really quick payouts. If you have unused inclusive minutes on your mobile – or a landline that is free to other landlines then you can take full advantage of this – the current pay rates are displayed on the site. Rates have recently been significantly reduced and this now generates only around $0.04 per hour. Not much to write home about anymore. Also if you are in the UK this doesn’t seem to work anymore – we were unable to get our funds out when the service stopped. *** – Get small amounts of bitcoins for completing small tasks. The videos pay very little but reward quickly. You have to go offsite to complete surveys or tasks etc…  which take longer and seem to mostly work. However, I have noticed I haven’t been paid for a couple and some links simply do not work. It is still very much worth a go. It is one of the better sites. I can also confirm that I have in the past been paid out by them. They do pay! I would be happy to hear from anyone who had been paid out on the surveys recenty ***** – Get paid for watching youtube videos. This site has decent pay rates and pays frequently. Once you have watched all the videos on the site you may find that new videos are a little slow to come around again. I get 3 – 4 new videos to watch each day – and they do pay out. ***** – Get paid for spending 5 minutes on a website – completing a captcha form and then going to the next. The payouts per site vary wildly but I was able to get around 2 payouts per day by using it regularly. One of the better sites – it does sometimes however run out of videos. *** – a frame based website that offers you a selection of different websites where you can collect bitcoins. A lot of the sites you visit here can also be found on bitvisitor which has a better interface – but there are some different ones and it is worth a go. **** – another site that pays you for completing tasks, viewing ads and visiting websites. The site is neatly designed, works and does payout. It would be nice if it had more regular things to do. It is well worth a look. – *** You get paid for spending 10 seconds to 2 minutes on a site (varying amounts) there are new sites daily to be visited. However, you must keep the window maximised and be focused on the browser unlike bitvisitor which you can leave for 5 minutes at a time whilst collecting from other sites. *** – You get paid for spending upto 3 minutes on a wide variety of advertisers sites. I can confirm these guys do pay. Lots of the sites are duplicated but unlike other sites you do not have to keep the window maximised and in focus. Enabling you to earn coins from other sites whilst here. ** – A site with a range of links to both faucets and tasks. I am yet to be paid by this site but this is because most of the sites are duplicates. Worth a look but probably not worth regular visits. *** – Once a day payouts – but pays very well. I receive from them regularly and the process is very quick.

If you have or can suggest a site that allows you to earn bitcoins for performing tasks. Please comment below and we will review the link for inclusion.

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