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  1. I am new in the world of Bitcoins,please give me some donate to start up.
    Thank you very much.
    My bitcoin adress is:


    Thanks a lot!Cheers!

  2. Well this bitcoin stuff is getting all famous and that so I want to get started in that.. Can someone donate me some bitcoin even if its worht $0.01, I don’t mind. Any amount 😀

    My adress:

  3. Hi all, my address is 1EKZCwuMFy1uAQApqdRavpFjwGHnEipQG1 and if you could donate I’d be really grateful 😉

  4. Hi,

    I’m new to bitcoin and I don’t have anything. Can someone donate to my wallet 1auDhBVPwKYdDp7xpQLZNy4wenJVxoaHT

    All donations will be appreciated. Luv u guys!!

  5. Hi have just started using bitcoin any help would be great 🙂 my address is 1J9qCK91suCARD1YDf3m4rwqmgULBFLLxj and if anyone has any info that will help me plz feel free to email me thanx in advance.

  6. Trying to get the most BTC from donation, to set up an account for my daughter’s future, she’s 5 and it’s so hard to keep money in the banks.
    So, if anyone wants to donate, here’s the BTC number :


    If you will write put a note with a name on, I will send a picture of me and her thanking for the donation.

    Thank you from me and Alice.

  7. my bitcoin address is:

    givng to my bitcoin address will save helpless orphans and puppies.

  8. If you’re healthy and rich, drop us a small fraction of a btc to cure nutritional diseases here in rwanda.

  9. 1L8qGY2Xmj6qGsX1ceauGJkciLpQyV189i btc address. i would really appreciate any and all donations. i havent been able to get a job in 2 years and im trying to make money to support my 9 month old daughter. i recently went on foodstamps just so i can buy food for her so any extra income is greatly appreciated…… i have sold everything to my name to support my daughter and i am in extreme need of assistance, im bankrupt and practically homeless, please please please please please donate and help me provide for my daughter. i am extremely grateful for any donations i recieve

    • im not looking to get rich just to help make ends meet. i would really appreciate just a single bitcoin….. if i can make that then ill be ecstatic as it would provide me enough to support amber for awhile

  10. I, like everyone else who has commented here, have no money and a desire to get some bitcoins, unlike a lot of the people here tho, I have acceptable grammar and spelling :p
    If you have a surplus of bitcoins and feel like giving them away then please consider me, if you do then I won’t just cash out and ever reinvest it, instead I will start to make my coins work to make more coins. And if my plans leave me with twice as much as I started with then I will send you back the bitcoin you sent, because no good deed should go unrewarded.
    1bKzecyPW3zCNgmnn1N4WjdeHBYzHcEhg pretty please with a cherry on top, may I have a bitcoin? Or even .5 of a bitcoin?

  11. Donate bitcoins for a good cause. Your donation could help some people to get access to fresh water in the desert state of Rajasthan.

    Help –

    bitcoin address –



  13. I have been abducted by the greys. They said If they receive enough bitcoin to their wallet they will let me go. My bum hurts…


  14. I too have been left without family from the ninja thefts.

    starving, please help me order a new family


  15. Just came across this page. Why is everyone posting their wallet address? Seems like it would be asking for trouble from hackers.

  16. Just getting into Bitcoin as it is the future…Don’t fight the future (X Files)

    My wallet is: 1DKxuzHai5ovQqF7tJ6PcoL4bjkxSK7GqS

    Thanks ahead of time…Out in Arizona.

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