Jan 27

Canadas new Bitcoin Embassy and HSBC’s new money laundering rules.

Jan 25

CoinByCall UK Numbers Barred by Orange, T-Mobile and Everything Everywhere Networks

Recently I attempted to use the coinbycall service to generate some extra bitcoins. I have managed to get half way to the payment threshold and then went away on holiday. Upon my return I found that my mobile operator Everything Everywhere has permanently barred the UK numbers offered by coinbycall to listen to their radio services.

The numbers are:


Upon checking with a couple of friends I discovered this to be the case with their mobile phones too. I personally have a new EE contract but I have tested it with former Orange phones and T-Mobile Phones too. They all say “Sorry, this number is permanently barred.”

I pay over £70 per month for the EE completely unlimited package and feel this is a little unfair on EE’s behalf to barr numbers particularly to landlines and call the package unlimited. This has left me unable to meet the minimum threshold for payment.

I am attempting to get a response from Everything Everywhere at this moment and will keep you posted as to what I find out.


I have also attempted to contact coinbycall and see if they can update their numbers to new unbarred numbers. I will let you know what they say.