Dec 26

Online Dogecoin Wallet hacked

The popular online dogecoin wallet has been hacked and the service suspended. An estimated 31 million dogecoins have been taken (at todays market price around $16,000 dollars). You can view the account where they are believed to currently be being held here. Where once you could access your dogecoin wallet there is now message from the sites administrator:


“We found many reports of Dogewallet transactions being sent to ‘DQT9WcqmUyyccrxQvSrjcFCqRxt8eVBLx8’. We’re currently looking at logs and have found thousands of attempts to hack our systems.

Specifically, the attack originated from the hacker gaining access to our filesystem and modifying the send/receive page to send to a static address. We’re currently reviewing logs for information. The site is shut down right now.

We’re incredibly sorry to all users who lost funds from the attack. Please use offline wallets as online wallets are meant for new users who aren’t using them as a storage of coins. Offline wallets are more safe and secure than any online wallet due to possible attacks that can originate from anyone, anywhere.

If you were affected by this:

All invested user balances will be fully compensated first. We’ll be working on compensating as much balance as possible that wasn’t invested right after (roughly 15-30m can be compensated immediately). Send me a Reddit message with your information and address if you had an investment (not balance) on the site.

It has also been reported on reddit that Instadoge has also been hacked and also an attempt made to hack the Dogehouse mining pool. It has been reported that the hackers who stole the doges go by the name of “#team-ooga”.

The cryptovalley mining pool also appears to be offline. However, it is unclear if this is related.

Dec 24

Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas!




Visit this page for free dogecoins – and the chance to win 200 in our Xmas draw.


Dec 24

WARNING – Bitcoin money doubler scam

Last night on twitter I came across an account called @BitcoinDesk – who claimed to be offering an instant 106% instant return on any deposits placed with them.

You can see my tweets to @bitcoinDesk hereΒ

They claimed to have 85 bitcoins to giveaway and were doing this exercise to build trust. I was immediately sceptical. Especially as his avatar was a particularly attractive blonde lady.


Several twitter users were taken in by this scam and have lost as much as 60 Bitcoins. They tested the water by making small deposits which were returned with interest. When they made a large deposit the scammer ran with the money. This is a modern twist on the age old money doubling scam.

Be careful with who you trust with your bitcoins!

Here is a transcript of the scammer talking with a potential victim:

9h So how is this all funded?
9h it’s an advertisement budget we use it to try out new ways of getting fast positive response from a 100%targeted client group
9h Fascinating.
9h We are into btc since 2010 -the very early days,and bought them at lowest prices. Goal is to get potential clients attention
8h What is your business at the end of the day? Any progress on my transaction?
8h Thank you.I know there is a chance that a few big whales come and grab everything.Still Creates biggest confidence/short time
8h So if it’s all automatic how do you follow up with them to see if they’re interested?
8h How many transaction have you done, only one or more ? The business is going to be of course btc related …
8h and we will be talking about these days publicly
8h This is my 2nd. I did .003 btc at first because I was skeptical. Need any help? πŸ™‚
8h 2b honest it is semi automated, we keep an eye of course on transactions. The plan is that potential clients FOLLOW UP /w us
8h Ah…
8hI looked at your website. Content management?
8h sending your 106% in 1 min
8h I’m probably going to keep sending, Thank you guys for doing this..
8h That okay?
8h I’m looking to help myself generate more btc so if you have any little jobs need doing I will work for btc πŸ™‚
8h Thank you.
8h i have put you on the contact list,it is an awesome part of this promo that we hopefully meet awesome bitcoin lovers like you
8h I can arrange a affiliate commission for you. It works like this: you name the btc sending address of your friend BEFORE
8h BEFORE your friend sends BTC for the first time. From this moment on, you will get a 12% commission on what we pay out to him
8h If you agree to the commission offer, let me know. Yo would have to send DMs naming friends btc addresses BEFORE THEY SENDbtc
8h I have one referral coming in now. Stand by for wallet.
8h No reason to send 10k – it makes more sense for all and the project to keep it small and slowly growing.
8h Thank you for your help – appreciate it so much πŸ™‚
7h 9 confirmations
7h Its one of the next thanks for mentioning
7h Thanks
7h So why the smoking hot pic of a girl. Just to grab interest?
7h have done 100s of tests, and it’s all about attention grabbing. The seriousness comes in on a later level
7 7h Sent?
7h How many bitcoins would attract your firms attention anyway?
7h Cool my affiliate got paid.
7h “How many bitcoins would attract your firms attention anyway?” What do you mean by that ? Can you explain please.
7h You said you were looking for whales right? I was just wondering what kind of whale I guess. If it’s sensitive info you can disregard.
7h Im literally just fascinated with how businesses are applying btc.
7h whales = people sending 100BTC we would have to send back 106BTC , thats quite some money, which we could just take and leave
7h Exactly. You’re building trust and reputation.
7h We pay the whale 6BTC , and the media is talking about this. That gets more people in – etc. simply ? Yes it is.Give me a min
6h It could work. You need to tweet at some big name tweeters.
6h You also need to find a way to do it more seamlessly and update your timeline…
6h Because if you start getting 100+ transactions an hour thats some user strain.
6h I am waiting for the people to exactly do this. My bets promotion is simply paying. Thats all i need to do, thats the plan πŸ™‚
6h What do you mean, my bests promotion is simply paying?
6h bets*
6h Its just that the site says 45 minutes and I’ve been waiting 2 hours each time.
6h trying to keep away the same people from sending over and over again, we need some wide spread , yours is being done very…
6h I see. I didn’t realize you didn’t want us to keep repeating
6h I’ll slow it down a bit. I figure you’re going to get busy when people start realizing its working for real.
6h Can you give me a general ETA?
6h Hello? πŸ™
6h Haha you must be getting busy πŸ™‚
6h Is there a problem?
6h Please update me soon..
6h careful some just created @btcdoubler and tries to copy our model, but he scams people and does not pay them. Careful πŸ™‚
5h Tx queued?
5h Do you need help? Can i do anything?
5h give little time, just have a coffee meanwhile? Thanks so much
5h Sure thing sorry to bother you. 5 btc is a lot
5h I think it would attract more people if you cleaned up the btcdoubler site and maybe removed the santa/flipping off picture..
4h Any updates?
4h This delay is making me really nervous. Will i have it soon?
4h I feel that i deserve some kinda of estimate..?
3h I’m sorry for all the messages. I’ll just hope it’s there by morning.

Dec 24

An in depth look at what Bitcoin actually is.

Dec 23

If you find the concept of bitcoin mining ridiculous – listen to how “real” money is made.

All established economies are based on the fractional banking system. Watch this and see how bitcoin makes more sense than the way fiat currencies are created and the money supply increased.

Dec 23

Apologies for the delay

Payments will be made tommorow and the winners will be announced due to a bereavement in my family. Sorry.

Dec 22

What the hell is Doge Coin?

Dogecoin is essentially a cryptocurrency based around an internet meme. What started off as a joke has actually managed to gain some short term credibility and will probably serve to make more people aware of crypto-currencies in general. However, it will most probably not ever be taken seriously – it wasn’t intended to be. It is however, trending higher on google trends than litecoin.

Dec 21

Coloured Coins Explained

Coloured coins allow you to trade any form of commodity or transfer title of anything as easy as you can transfer a bitcoin without the need for centralised exchanges. You could even hold your own IPO, fund your bands new album or you could even raise finance to fund a project such as a well or solar panel electrical system in a developing country just using coloured coins.Β This could be potentially damaging for websites such asΒΒ 

A beta coloured coin wallet is now available in beta at :

For more information on coloured coins. Please visit